Safety Tips

Before our crew arrives, we want you to stay safe.
  • Stay away from wet areas to prevent “Slip and Fall” accidents.
  • DO NOT turn on electrical appliances in affected areas.
  • DO NOT try to vacuum water with a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • In the case of Sewage Back-Up, DO NOT touch sewer content with exposed skin. Grossly contaminated water may contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents.
  • Keep your children and pets safely away from wet areas.
  • For any questions contact us at 888-379-7970


How to Protect Your Valuables

  • If safe, remove your valuables and other items from wet to dry and safe areas.
  • If safe, remove water sitting on top of furniture.
  • If safe, place plastic foil under legs of your furniture to prevent discoloration of your carpet.
  • If safe, remove small colored carpets and rugs from the floor to prevent discoloration.
  • For any questions contact us at 888-379-7970



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