Wall Drying

How to dry wet walls and wet wall paneling?
Water will create trapped pockets of moisture and saturation if it enters structural cavities. Wet walls and wet paneling can cause lots of structural problems if left alone. As a result, undetected saturation may cause odor, splitting or deterioration of walls, and further damage may cause collapsing of wet walls or mold growth. Wet walls create structural concerns which should be addressed immediately.
We use specialty equipment that injects your walls with dry air pushing the moisture out. It is important to understand the structure of a building to know where and how to inject walls. There is so much going on behind walls, and for that reason our technicians are trained to expect unexpected and approach wall drying procedures with great caution.
You don’t have to rip your walls out! We may save them! Just ask our estimators to explain how we can do it and do it safely.

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