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Water damage comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from burst pipes, appliance leaks, and sewer back-ups, through ice damming, causing you unexpected stress and expenses. No one likes to see their personal valuables being destroyed by water,but when it happens, not everyone is prepared to deal with everything that comes with putting their home back together.
We are here to help! We understand what it takes to get your home back together. We know that it is very important to detect the trapped moisture in walls, flooring, carpet and padding, and/or other sub-surfaces to determine the source of damage in order to dry, clean and sanitize the affected areas preventing further damage, potential mold growth, and costly repairs. And we know what to do to help you deal with your insurance agencies.
We have extensive experience helping families around New Jersey. Throughout our history, we have helped over10,000homes. Our staff is equipped with the newest detecting, monitoring and drying equipment, and with the experience and knowledge how to handle any water damage scenario. We provide our employees with ongoing in-house and field training to continually improve our quality of work.
Our customer service is the best! We keep our customers updated on every step of the work process, and especially in situations when dealing with insurance agencies, we provide continuous support and assistance as we understand that the whole process can be very stressful to our customers. We prepare insurance documentation while removing the burden from our customers and communicate directly with insurance carriers to assure smooth claim processing.
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