Mold Remediation

What is mold and how do you get rid of it?
Mold can grow anywhere as long as it has oxygen, food source and moisture. It can cause numerous health issues, allergies, disorders, irritations, and can have serious health impact on home occupants. It can destroy the material it grows on by consuming it and rooting through affecting the home structure, it creates mold odor that carries airborne mold spores, and it can be source of other adverse living conditions.
Before mold is remediated, as the first step, presence of mold needs to be confirmed by accurate mold testing performed immediately as suspicious growth is observed. The suspicious area needs to be contained to prevent potential mold contamination of unaffected areas.
We understand mold, how it behaves and what to do to properly clean it. Our licensed professionals will perform mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation to provide you with peace of mind and healthy environment.
REMEMBER: Mold can cause serious damage to your property and health.
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