Hardwood Floor Drying

How to dry wet hardwood floor?
Hardwood Floor drying requires special attention. Water will cause your floor to cup or warp if it is not extracted immediately. One of many additional concerns that may arise from water damage is mold which can grow in floor crevasses and in subfloors. Before you start ripping your wet flooring out, call us, we may save it for you.
Using specialty equipment that extracts water from wet hardwood floor is a must. This equipment gently pulls water out of the hardwood floor and pushes dry air in to remove any moisture left behind helping the hardwood floor settle properly and preventing mold from growing.
Leave it to experts. Improper drying may cause the floor to dry out and crack. Also, using wrong equipment may leave your hardwood floor scratched or may damage protective finish which will add to the cost of restoring your hardwood floor.
Our technicians are specially trained to handle professional hardwood floor drying with our state-of-art equipment to protect your floor and sub surfaces located underneath.We pay attention to the smallest details to protect your valuable assets and to perform the work in the most cost effective way.
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