Carpet Drying

How to dry your wet carpet?
During any water emergency, water naturally will seep into all porous materials in your home, including your carpet, carpet padding and subfloors. As a result, carpet de-lamination may occurwhich happens when carpet glue breaks down due to the presence of moisture and carpet layers separate from each other. This process damages your carpet beyond repair. Not to mention, standing water in carpets and paddings creates brewing grounds for different kinds of bacteria and other harmful particles that can be spread around your home very quickly. As you may know, mold can root in a very short period of time and create hazardous environment for you and your family. To prevent mold from growing and to prevent your carpet from delaminating, water must be extracted from carpet and padding underneath and drying of your wet carpet must be performed immediately.
To protect your home from further damage, it is crucial that all water is extracted and drying equipment is placed strategically to create drying vortex to dry wet carpet as soon as possible.
We can save your carpets!Our highly trained teams use powerful truck-mount vacuum systems and pumps to extract hundreds of gallons of water from your wet carpet and pads in no time. We will dry and disinfect your homesand businesses leaving your personal environment safe and clean for you.
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