Cabinets Drying

How to dry wet cabinets?

After flood or other water damage, undetected moisture behind and inside of kitchen or other cabinets, will cause your wet cabinets to rot, delaminate, split, or crack and fixing these can be costly. Since most of the cabinets are usually made out of the plywood, de-lamination is most likely to happen. Leaving your cabinets wet for any prolonged period will result in mildew and mold build up includingmaterial damage and the only option you will be left with is to replace the walls and cabinets to prevent accidents from happening or the mold and mildew from growing.

When determined that cabinets can be salvaged, we dry wet cabinets by using the most effective and the least invasive techniques. Our teams specialize in drying techniques using in-place injection equipment to dry your cabinets inside out.High-power injector equipment not only dries cabinets but also the walls behind them by pushing the air into affected materials, preventing deterioration of your valued assets.

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